THERE ARE Two options for shipping our pomeranian puppies


Shipping Option #1:
Air Cargo

Shipping through Air Cargo is the most popular way of delivering puppies to their forever homes. With Air Cargo, you will be responsible for picking up the puppy from your local airport’s cargo office. We do require that you reach out to the cargo office once you receive the flight confirmation from us. This is to make sure the ‘Okay to Forward’ notification has been made to the airline and confirms that someone will be present for a pick-up. Safety is always our top priority. For five years we’ve been shipping internationally and all our puppies have been delivered safely. That said, we have the right to delay the delivery date if it risks the puppy’s health to deliver earlier.

Shipping option #2:
Nanny Service

The availability and the cost of personal delivery service vary throughout the season and destination. Please contact our sales associate in order to check the availability of the service. The cost of nanny service is usually so high that many find it does not make financial sense, but we have had explicit requests for nanny service by select clients and so we do our best to offer it.  Shipping via Air Cargo is completely safe as we are experienced in the process and have a 100% success rate with deliveries over the last five years since we’ve started shipping our puppies.


The puppies must pass our final vet check-ups and receive a safe-to-fly status along with a quarantine visit and confirmation of their documentation for travel. The delivery arrangement team will reach out for the delivery at least a week prior to the travel date. By this time, if there are any changes to the arrival date, you will be notified. In the unlikely event you have not been contacted a week prior to the scheduled travel date, please contact our delivery arrangement team via Whatsapp at +1-604-379-9974. We guarantee safe delivery to destination.

  • Please check with your local customs and transportation airline for any fees related to the import of a puppy, such as documentation fees and taxes. 

Destinations we do not CURRENTLY SERVICE

  • Bahamas
  • Indonesia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Certain African Countries (please inquire)
  • Certain EU countries (please inquire)